Dr. Martin Ordonez, Canada Research Chair in Power Converters for Renewable Energy Systems, is dedicated to exploring new possibilities in the field of Energy Systems and crafting strategies to achieve them. He helps maximize the use of renewable energy resources by developing methods and power architectures to store and deploy renewable energy. His recent research achievements include the development of high performance power conversion architectures, topologies and advanced control schemes. He enjoys the challenges posed by this emerging field where, more often than not, obtaining successful solutions requires thinking outside the box.

As a supervisor/advisor, his objectives are to recognize the skills and develop the potential of his graduate students, but most of all, to help them achieve their professional goals. As a researcher, Dr. Ordonez strives to explore, implement and develop the latest technologies and techniques in Power Conversion. His enthusiastic approach makes the educational and research process an enjoyable experience.

Dr. Martin Ordonez is currently looking for talented individuals with experience in energy systems, renewable power or power electronics who are interested in pursuing a Master's degree, a PhD, or PostDoctoral research at the Power Lab, University of British Columbia. (UPDATE: New positions available for 2013!).

Send your full resume and cover letter to Dr. Martin Ordonez: mordonez AT ieee.org (AT = @)

News! Dr. Ordonez and his research team are now established at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of British Columbia (UBC) in Metro Vancouver, Canada.